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About the Michael Craig Team

The Michael Craig Financing Team is all “ABOUT YOU”. When you “know and feel” that you and your needs are the # 1 Priority of our loan staff we know that you have been treated personally and professionally as you should.

As Borrowers, please ask us all the questions you have,,,,We are focused on earning your business for generations to come.

who we are

60+ Years of Experiences

Our team has over 60 Years of Mortgage and Real Estate Experience.

We take pride in providing our clients the most professional service available in the mortgage industry.

Having served thousands of borrowers we have established lending programs that are specific to your needs.


What We Do


We listened very carefully to your loan wants and needs.

Because market interest rates change multiple times each day we advised our clients to act decisively.

Changing loan programs throughout specific property ownership is necessary which is critical to create optimum financing returns.

Loan Investors

If you Invest in Mortgage Instruments we assist you selecting loan programs and borrowers that match your investment criteria. From Conventional Mortgage Loans to Hard Money Loans we have opportunities for you to invest in loans FULLY secured by real estate equity.


only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me.